Who is Harleen?

I am a lover of people...

I am originally from Halifax (Nova Scotia) where I grew up with the salty Atlantic Ocean, the warmth of a small community, the friendliness of the Maritime folk. I have also lived in Calgary and for the last 5 years, Surrey B.C is where I have laid roots.

I am an avid traveller having lived overseas in Taiwan, China and South Africa. This is where my love of capturing candid shots of the world I saw around me, the uniqueness of the cultures I lived in, the sparkle in the faces of the countless souls I met along the way began. My sense of adventure and my interest in freezing moments of my time abroad led me to pick up a my first film camera, a Pentax K-1000 back in 2000.

I am known to strike up and engage in conversations with random strangers simply because people interest me, I am curious, I love to hear stories, I love connection with the young, the old, the in-between. Through every interaction with others, I have learned something.

My career has allowed me many unique experiences to engage with a wide scope of people to learn from all. I have been a kindergarten and middle school teacher, I have worked in support roles in hospitals and nursing homes where I became a more compassionate human being, I have worked in retail, and am also a seasoned HR professional. I have volunteered teaching migrant children oversees, in a hospice for children, with intellectually and developmentally challenged adults and in the children's hospital back home in Halifax. I care about others deeply.

We all have many layers to who we are.

I am married to an amazing man who is an Educator and together we have an incredible son who has recently entered the double digits in age. He is the love of our lives and keeps us young and energized. He is a gift and we are blessed to have such a vibrant soul in our lives.

My little zone of happiness is when I have a camera in my hand, searching for the perfect natural light, capturing a variety of subjects in an honest, authentic and timeless way. I am always searching for creative and candid ways to capture my subjects, their souls and their spirits. I am passionate about my craft and delivering an incredible experience and captures to my clients.

"There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment"